In events like fairs and congresses there is so much information received, inputs, flashes; so many kicks calling for our attention and so many stands inciting us to look at them, inviting to enter, that when an exhibitor does exactly the opposite, closing, turning opaque, hiding information and getting closed to visits, it just becomes a success and a claim itself. From this observations Arconvert ‘s “The Black Lable Creative Club” booth comes together.

For the Arconvert ’s booth at the 2017 event at LabelExpo we created a club inspired on the most classic and old-school British clubs you can picture. A “The Black Label Creative Club”, in opposition to the antique and utterly famous White’s Gentlemen’s Club in London.

The Club word itself drives us to a space of velvet, carpets, moldings, Chester couches and gold leafs. It brings us the scent of wood and cigars and the sound of classical music and opera. We tried to deliver these ideas with a twist:

Four magnificent velvety black curtains helped us dress up this big giant, they would hide the interior space while urging those voyeur instincts from the visitors. But to remind that not everything is just a show, that you would be about to enter a corporate area, a showroom with the finest graded products with a powerful technical development; the curtain that fell with its tremendous waves was getting straightened up until it got completely tense and smooth.

Obviously there was also a companion, the classic and uncomfortable Chester; but a flexible inflatable revision.

The moldings got scattered, rearranged, wrapping and covering entirely the walls for the staff areas.

Artconvert website.
Agency: Artycom.
Graphic design BlouAndRooi.

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