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Interior design for Farmacia Coello 74, facade with autumn display "It's Hair Care Time".





The new pharmacy interior design tries to meet it’s neighbouring stylish locals. Located in one of the most prestigious districts of Madrid, Salamanca, where most of the top brands have their flagship stores. Our focus was not to even their luxury and overwhelming spaces, but to have a clean reading to display the products and, above anything else, to create a place to make you feel near and comfortable at the same time, that you can feel and be closely attended.

Using a softened terracotta colour, as the main unifying key, we created a scenario/surrounding that feels human, earthy and comfy, this is cut by a horizontal plane white stripe where all the elements are linked to. So there’s a separation from the clean, pure and aseptic (intrinsic to pharmacy) where white has its dominance, and the close, soft and careful pinkish terracotta that affects and calls the emotion and welcomes the public.

It’s quite a mid-sized or small pharmacy. The original layout was very problematic, as it completely divided the interior in two by a middle loading wall, creating an inaccessible space and leaving a mere 17 sq/m attendance area. So we decided to connect the two areas and double the space for display of products and of course growing as much as possible service room, to allow much more free movement for the buyers and attendants, so they can communicate and look after the clients and their needs in a much more near manner.

Fluxes were also key in a small area, so we allowed circular movement around a central island that serves as a distributor element, a display area for selected products, and an extra attendance spot. Also, there are some days that personal extra attention and demos are given by external professionals, so a certain area can be divided by a set of curtains, and create a private “room” inside the pharmacy without compromising the day-to-day normal use.

Apart from the pharmacy interior design, the original facade had to be recovered, so the semicircular arches in the entrance and shop-window that previously were characteristic of this space, needed to disappear, and the original rectangular shape had to be restored.

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Graphic design: MANEKO.

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