We certainly lived creating this design school event with a profound dearness for three different reasons; for being a commission from ESdesign, a design school we witnessed its creation very closely; for having free access workshops and conferences for anyone whether they have set afoot or not into the design world; and for taking place at UTOPIA126 at the district of Poble Nou in Barcelona.

There is no doubt, if you can point ONE thing from UTOPIA this is personality… and space and breath and disorder, but personality above all. So we found ourselves in front of a space with an enormous character. We decided to go along with the space; but not to let it devour our design, specially when this event was the introduction of ESdesign’s new branding.

For this opening act on the school’s new corporate identity we planned a series of elements with their own personality, but not conflicting with the location. A series of elements to guide our eyes and direct the visitor throughout the building. Different sets of large sized frames allowed to structure the signaling, to outline their students selected works and to enclose corners and textures from UTOPIA126.

These frame-like structures were presented almost abandoned against walls and leaning one on the next one, achieving impossible distributions.

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Graphic design: Maneko.

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