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Entrance door at Agora space, a flexible use room at EAE
Entrance door at Agora space, a flexible use room at EAE




Zigzagging bench at Agora space, EAE Business School


The Agora flexible space, spatially substitutes an old concept in the school, an obsolete library. So, one of the largest rooms of the school was being misused. And that was the room with the best natural illumination.

Our goal was to create the most flexible space possible, something that could be used for as many activities as possible. So it can be used as a free student space, a spot for some face to face interviews with the tutors, relaxed cafe-like spots, some more fix areas for group reunions, and several benches and poufs for anything else,… but also it can be used as interim classroom or completely transform into a venue space for speeches or presentations, with a stage and over 100 seats (plus the stands).

We deliberately decided to allow some space for books, after all, that was its past use, therefore we implemented a section dedicated to reading, just by the entrance. Some 7 m double shelf for display of the latest magazines, but also a 7 m bench that can be filled with the newest books. And some other places around.

The wooden stand takes the central spot at the Agora flexible space, as it zigzags along the room, playing with the columns. From concept, that’s the center of it all. Where anything can happen. That’s why it’s fully equipped, with plugs, shelves, … you can even use it for spontaneous presentations.

Basically anything can actually be move out and around, even the stage can be used left or right sliding the red panel, to cover an interactive TV, use it as a corporate background, for stand by conference or a seated roundtable.

The artificial illumination wants to recreate and join, in some way, the same natural light that comes from different and also opposed directions. That’s why we decided to randomize the direction and location of the elements, so light may reach you from different points, except in the scenario where it needs to be carefully controlled and directed.

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Graphic design: Momento.
Photography: Leo García Méndez.

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General view to the entrance of the Agora Flexible Space


Wood detail of the birch bench at EAE BS interior design


Seating and working at Agora Flexible Space view with shelving system/magazine rack


Conference setup of the Agora flexible space


Details of the Agora Space at EAE BS