The hall of the “Institut del Teatre”, headquarters for MAE (Museu de les Arts Escèniques) required a permanent structure to support the temporary exhibitions to take place at the center. This installation should be an adaptable system for the temporary exhibitions, a malleable support to the requirements to the specific needs of the temporary installations without a fix/defined content.

Those exhibitions normally accommodated panels with texts, pictures, photos or blueprints; and occasionally some object. Once finished the exhibition at the MAE, the boards would habitually be moved to a different location.

The result is a lengthwise piece with a white lacquered MDF base and several metallic sheets lacquered in black hanging from four black metallic arches. The supporting panels are modular. These can be moved or extracted for certain exhibitions to adapt the installation to the current specific requirements and number of elements to display. The subtraction of any panel generates an empty room to allow the exhibition of an object onto the base or podium. The graphic panels can be attached to the supports using magnets. Some small holes (normally hidden by the attached graphics) in the central zone of the supports allow framed paintings or some other reasonably light objects. The variations conformed with the triad of base-structures-panels would set the whole adaptable system to feature the temporary exhibitions.

The aesthetics intended to merge the dynamics of the bodies on a stage with the sobriety and stability of an institution. Therefore, the whole system is conformed with a solid base and a a series of interchangeable elements to grant movement and certain disorder at the sum of the final installation.

Photo credits: Arnau Masramon.

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