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Minimal product designers
Minimal product designers




Table set with four silicone cooking bowls.


The Steam Roaster is a new cooking concept product design for Lekue. A multifunctional bowl; it takes the advantage of silicone’s flexibility to change its shape.

On a closed position it combines the advantages from steam cooking plus a crunchy finishing produced by the air circulation from its opened ends. When opened it is merely a bowl, but you can prepare, weight and mix all the ingredients and even serve straight from the oven.
Therefore, for some recipes, you may only require this one utensil to have your meal ready and even eat straight from it. That’s why we’ve always introduced the Steam Roaster as a new cooking concept.

Our Focus

This product exemplifies most of the studio’s approach in front of the design process. It is focused on the user as the most important piece of a product “How does a user modify or affects the object?” and material honesty.

Material honesty in terms of a design process that respects what is it going to be made of, how and why. Lekue is a silicone manufacturer, so the object should respect that, it has to be made in a manner that it could only be made in silicone. It should have the benefits of a silicone piece, and its production process.
That’s where the final function and shape comes from.

We conceived this product to allow anyone simply to use it, there’s nothing to learn apart from recipes, its shape is so obvious that it doesn’t require any explanation.

How was the user involved into the design process of this product? In a manner that the final object respects the user.
-Easy to use? It can be opened or closed just with a single touch. No need to fiddling with a really hot piece right out of the oven!
-Easy to wash? Its shape is so simple that you can’t find a single shape to retain food rests.
-Easy to store? It can be stacked or stored rolled, and as a silicone piece, it can be squeezed as much as needed.

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Steam roaster holding by a hand


Steam roaster inside the oven


Household Lekue piece designed by COMPEIXALAIGUA


Steam roaster new cooking concept