Minimal product designers
Multimedia experience stand Labelexpo Brussels


The adjective “unique” is extremely abused. Just like it was at the time, terms like “design” or “2000”.

We truly believe in unique spaces for every client; because they don’t need to communicate the same.

Arconvert black club booth general view


They say walls can hear. We don’t really know. What we know, is that walls speaks by themselves. They speak about values. A wall without text or image can suggest technology, passion, efficiency, innovation, collaboration, … Texts, claims or slogans do help in highlighting the message.

The real success is to achieve the rhetoric from the whole space, the sum of the walls, is the personal language of the brand and what builds it up.

Stand design large format printing and signage Hamburg Messe


Fluxes and requirements distribute the spaces.

Just like inside a new built ant colony, the spaces are arranged by needs; everyday common use zones, storage areas, internal personnel and visitor fluxes (true, this last one is not and area of an ant colony).

The aesthetics without the functionality is incomplete. What would it be of a project without previous thought? Sounds obvious, right?

Luxury labelling products Fedrigoni Arconvert papers


What is a whole, but the sum of many details? There are bigger details and smaller details; but they’re all significant, for better or worse.

Sometimes a detail is everything.

Minimal product designers
Bottle design for wine reduction
Interior design educational. EAE university
ADI-FAD design market interior 6

In this mess of 0’s and 1’s we talk about how we are; a product design and corporate spaces studio based in Barcelona.

Here you’ll find projects that we truly love and say a lot about us: food design, cookware, booths, offices, toys, lounge areas, lighting…