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Stand design large format printing and signage
Stand design large format printing and signage




Large format printing and signage FESPA


It was a situation where we had to confront designing a stand scheme that we had previously visited as clients. Those venues of materials and medias for printing with Graphics signage stand such as FESPA, ISA, Viscom, C!Print… and those stands for large format printing and signage where graphics are the “key” tend to exceed their inputs. Several images, photos or vector graphics in large scale with rampant colors, frequently just laying on the flooring without a unified view or conception.

Hence, you cannot really end up comparing the differences between those loads of printed materials. As you cannot find the same image printed on them all, we cannot evaluate which material may allow a more saturated finish or a crispier shine. Or how would a translucent paper may reduce that popping hue compared to another.

Likewise, the variety of the images does not help minimally to perceive a stand as a whole and makes it really hard to understand or perceive when one is finished and starting the next.

For such reasons, our goal was to design a graphics signage stand that would easily allow comparing materials among each other; that it could be clearly perceive the space as an entity and would invite to a visually comfy experience.

As a result: a unique image applied in the different supporting papers spatially arranged as space dividers; generating a perspective and depth visual play. A sober, organized and simple stand with a unique unified message.

ADHOC website.
Agency: Artycom.
Graphic design BlouAndRooi.

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Stand design large format printing and signage Hamburg Messe


FESPA Hamburg Messe stand